About Distantlion

Hey! This is laurentia from fashion Distantlion! I’ve always been interested in clothes; even when I was at school I had my own sewing machine and I would adapt clothes or paint them.

You'll receive orders shipped from Antony, that's right, this strong and dependable boy handles all order shipments! Anina and Jenna are responsible for the pictures and modelling. Most of the pictures and videos you see are from their work! Finally, if you have any questions, welcome to communicate with Jasmine, this shy serious and responsible girl will try her best to reply to every email!

Distantlion online store is a small and midsize business (SMB)  established in July 2021.

In fact,we started our offline store business in California, Santa Clara as early as 2012, we have never even considered opening a online store before the COVID-19 epidemic.

But the virus made it difficult for our business to stay afloat. We realized we could build a online community, and that selling direct to consumers could make it possible.

For small and local businesses like us, making the jump to online is a far larger one. And with stores across the country dealing with the economic repercussions of the lockdown measures.

we’re here to do JUST that and confident for the future!